Priamar Partnership with Manufacturers.

Whether your company is introducing a new product, or expanding into a new territory, adding a representative that is familiar with the buyer you need to reach can be critical to your success. Your ad cost effectively reaches the reps that can grow your sales.
Working with Priamar International provides our Partners with significant competitive advantages in their market space by affording them near immediate access to a custom sized team of proven Sales Professionals, each of whom is ideally situated to serve the specific needs’ of our Partner. This permits each of our organization’s Partners to enjoy the benefits of……

  • Faster deployment of highly qualified and productive Salespeople.
  • Improved access to key decision makers across a wider geographic area.
  • Dramatically reducing the length (and cost) of completing a sale.
  • Closer geographic proximity to more qualified sales opportunities.
  • Highly consistent cash flow with more accurate sales forecasting.
  • Compensating Salespeople based solely on the results they achieve.

Priamar looks to partner with those organizations that deliver economically justifiable solutions for the benefit of our mutual Customers. Utilizing Priamar’s Salespeople to introduce and sell our Partners’ products and services fosters uniquely positive Customer-Supplier interactions in which everybody wins.

Because a company’s ability to attract, train, and retain its Salespeople is critical to both its short and long-term success, the impact that these functions have upon an organization’s future viability cannot be ignored. Working with Priamar permits our Partners to focus on what they do best by ensuring that short-term sales requirements are met and business relationships are properly nurtured and cultivated for the long-term viability of the Partner’s business.

What Does an International Sales Representative Do?


An international sales representative is a person who sells goods or services to clients outside of his own country. These individuals can work in a wide variety of industries and are often expected to speak more than one language. Being successful in this career also usually requires a person with excellent interpersonal skills, confidence and extensive knowledge of the goods or services his company offers.

While it’s sometimes possible to obtain this position with only a high school diploma, a bachelor’s degree in business or a related field is often preferred. Typical responsibilities of an international sales representative include communicating with customers, expanding the customer base, traveling internationally and attending company meetings.

One of the most fundamental duties of an international sales representative is communicating with customers. He is in charge of identifying the needs of customers and delivering goods or services that meet those needs. It’s his job to ensure that orders are successfully completed, delivered on time and meet customers’ requirements. Much of the time, this is achieved through telephone calls, online correspondence and teleconferencing. In some cases, an individual may need to be fluent in other languages besides his native tongue.

Along with this, an international sales representative is often expected to expand a company’s customer base. This might include developing new marketing techniques, finding sales leads and contacting those leads. To perform his job effectively, an international sales representative must be able to explain the benefits of the goods or services his company is offering to potential customers. Besides this, he must be knowledgeable about those goods and services, and be able to answer any questions a potential customer may have. Due to the rejection that a salesperson tends to encounter, it’s helpful to have an assertive personality and a thick skin.
In some cases, he will also be required to travel internationally. For some positions, this may mean spending an extended period of time in a foreign country while building up a company’s customer base. Consequently, this position is best suited for individuals willing to spend a considerable amount of time away from home.

Along with this, it’s often necessary for an international sales representative to attend company meetings. Since the policies and goals of a company are sometimes in flux, it’s important for an individual to stay abreast of changes and maintain communication with other department leaders. During the course of a meeting, he may participate in discussions concerning new products or services, marketing strategies and company expectations.


Independent Sales Representatives

Independent Sales Representatives.

Priamar’s Sales Representatives are handsomely compensated on a “pay for performance” basis for the sales results they produce. Working with Priamar International provides our independent Sales Representatives with……

  • Lucrative compensation based on results, with no cap on earnings.
  • Long-term residual income opportunities, when appropriate.
  • Exclusive or protected sales territories based on performance.
  • Sales territories structured to be in close proximity to the Salesperson’s home base, thus reducing his expenses and need for overnight travel.
  • Sales commissions that are paid in a timely fashion, typically within 10-15 days of receipt of funds from the Customer.
  • The ability to control his own time and destiny by establishing his schedule and sales calls as he best sees fit.

Priamar’s Sales Representatives are responsible for arranging and conducting substantive face-to-face meetings with their local Prospects’ senior managers, when needed, to generate positives sales results. To enable our Salespeople to achieve maximum success, Priamar provides……

  • Return on Investment based sales tools that allow a prospect to quickly and accurately determine the relative value of purchasing our Partner’s product or service. Each instrument has been developed to help move the decision making process forward towards a final resolution.
  • Training seminars made available on an as-needed basis to enhance the  Salesperson’s likelihood of achieving success.
  • Reporting requirements that are kept to a bare minimum.
If your goal is to increase sales, cut costs or penetrate new markets, independent sales representatives can help.

What is an Independent Sales Representative?


An independent sales representative sells products or services to a customer base defined by the companies for which he works or that he develops on his own. He often simultaneously represents multiple products or services from various providers or manufacturers. These sales professionals generally work on a commission basis, with no regular salary. An independent sales professional can find work in many industries, including retail, real estate, hospitals, medical and pharmaceutical supplies, food and restaurant, agriculture and construction, to name a few.

Also regularly referred to as an independent manufacturer’s representative or manufacturer’s sales representative, a person in this position normally works on a straight commission basis. Since he receives no salary and gets paid only for completed sales, his success depends largely on the reputation of his products or those of the company he represents, his sales skills and the frequency in which the products are reordered.

Travel is generally part of an independent sales representative’s job. Regardless for whom he works, a sales professional’s territory can encompass several regions or an entire country. This often requires overnight stays in hotels and much time spent away from home. A smaller territory may allow a sales professional to travel by car to see clients, but the time away from home still can be significant.

Whether working for one or more companies or for himself, an independent sales representative’s success can depend largely upon his ability to develop solid client relationships. Strong communication skills coupled with a charismatic demeanor can be key to him reaching his goals. Good customer service, honesty and integrity help a person in this position establish a reputation that will open doors to increased sales.

In addition to being well liked, the representative is typically required to have a good head for business. This includes having insights into competitors’ marketing strategies, ideas for product development and the ability to predict market trends. He may also implement or suggest creative pricing strategies. Increased volume, even at a slight discount, can provide a boost in earnings.

Some companies prefer to hire independent sales representatives over more traditional ones because they do not have to give them health or retirement benefits. This type of employee also is responsible for his or her own taxes. He is generally paid after the product has been received by the customer, which relieves the company for which he works from paying him a regular salary at prescribed intervals.

Some benefits of being an independent sales representative include the freedom to sell only preferred products and services and the liberty of working on a self-defined schedule. The minimum requirement to work as an independent sales representative generally is a high school diploma or equivalent. Obtaining a college degree in a sales-related field, however, may open more doors. Some companies, such as highly-technical manufacturing companies, require sales professionals to have a four-year degree.

Freight Business

Sourcing Products

Product Sourcing Strategy.


Through our extensive network of domestic and international vendors we can match existing product specifications as well as source new products for our customers. Priamar International has established relationships with a diverse group of agents and factories throughout the world including USA, Mexico, Canada, Europe and Eurasian countries. As a result of our combined purchasing from proven vendors and freight consolidations, we are able to generate significant cost savings for our clients. Third party inspection services are available to insure product quality and adherence to defined specifications during the entire process. Let Priamar International manage your entire supply chain, both domestically and internationally, to maximize your return on inventories.

We are a US company located in Texas, providing manufacturing and product sourcing services to businesses across the world. Our goal is to find the best, the lowest price, and the highest quality manufacturing sources anywhere in North America or Europe.

We will source your products as efficiently and quickly as possible. You do not have to take expensive and time consuming trips, to locate, inspect or approve manufacturing, negotiate contract and prices and arrange for freight, shipping and delivery. Your products will be delivered to your warehouse exactly as you wanted at the lowest cost.

We know that it can be difficult and a grueling task to manufacture your own product, that’s why Priamar International now offers sourcing services for small and large companies, wholesalers and retailers. We will work with you as a team to make sure that we find you the right factory, the best price and provide you with the highest level of quality control for your products.

Our job is find you the best factory to produce your product, we work for our clients not the factory. With our team on the ground in North America and Europe, this allows us to inspect and determine which factory can offer the best price and production time for your order.

Give us a call or drop us a line to discuss your project and we will be glad to help. We will provide you with a quote based on your project needs.


Products & Services

Products & Services from North America and Europe.

Quality Products • Competitive Prices • Excellent Service
As a company that acts globally and provides exceptional products and services, we offer our customers in industry and trade groundbreaking solutions.

Learn more about our company and our products.
In addition to our line of products we are also specialists in locating those “hard to find” products.


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Office Hours / Processing / Quote Turn-Around

Priamar International provides quotations on price and availability upon request. Our Quote Department is staffed 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We offer quotes in US dollars, Canadian dollars, Japanese yen, South Korean won, Hong Kong dollars, Singapore dollars, Taiwan dollars, New Zealand dollars, Australian dollars, British pound sterling, Danish kroner, Norwegian Kroner, Swedish kronor and Euros . All quotes are entered in US dollars unless stated otherwise.
Please include your daytime contact information (telephone/fax number, email or mailing address) to allow Priamar’s staff to contact you should they have questions regarding your request.

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Thank you for your interest in Priamar International products. To request a quote, please complete the three-step form below. We will respond within one business day. If you have a more urgent request, please call us at 956-599-4480 for immediate assistance.
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The Priamar Group

The Priamar Group.

Welcome to Priamar International the definitive resource for starting or expanding a business abroad. 
Small business owners and entrepreneurs face seemingly daunting challenges in every phase of their business. Priamar International would like to partner with you to help meet these challenges and achieve your goal of owning and operating a profitable and successful business. We offer these solutions and more.


Priamar International was created to provide its’ Partners with near immediate access to a geographically dispersed team of experienced, independent Sales Representatives. In serving our Partners’ needs, Priamar’s Salespeople conduct substantive face-to-face sales meetings with local Prospects to generate positive economic results by……

  • Increasing gross and net sales revenue by identifying more potential sales opportunities and closing a higher percentage of them.
  • Reducing the need to cut profit margins in order to secure business.
  • Eliminating many fixed costs related to salaries and benefits for sales  administration and most sales travel-related expenditures.
  • Utilizing “top-down selling” to shorten the overall length of the sales cycle.
  • Expanding the geographic areas covered and the quality of the Prospects and Customers that routinely receive personal attention.

Because Priamar’s Salespeople are highly qualified and tend to be more seasoned, they are adept and comfortable working with senior-level managers at those entities that stand the greatest chance of becoming our valued Customers.

Further, because Priamar’s Partners have been chosen based on their ability to produce quality goods and services which can be readily evaluated and justified on the basis of the economic return they’ll deliver to the Customer, Priamar’s Sales Reps are better prepared to serve the needs’ of the Customer in the purest business sense imaginable, i.e., improving the likelihood of our Customer achieving greater profitability in the future.

Priamar’s Salespeople are dedicated to cultivating a mutual understanding with the Prospect, one that creates a winning situation and clearly defines when the proper solution to address a given issue is identified, the sale will occur naturally and quickly.


On Board Courier

On Board Courier

On-Board Courier Service.
On-board Courier Consignments are a core competency for Priamar International. We have agents and on-board courier specialists in place all over Canada, U.S.A., Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, with a concentration in the major North American cities.
We have an operations team with an unparalleled understanding of flight schedules, routing options and competitive airfares.
Every day, Priamar Inrernational has On board Courier consignments in the air all over North & Central America. Our customers have come to understand that Hand Carry is often the best way to ensure their most critical shipments can reach their destination as soon as possible – without the cost of chartered aircraft.
A swift and secure transport solution
Priamar International On-Board Courier offers door-to-door, hand carry services for time-critical shipments.Leading brands and suppliers in the automotive, financial, energy, pharmaceutical, medical and fashion sectors rely on our On Board Courier  / hand carry services on a daily basis with their time-critical spare parts, samples, prototypes and important documents.

Our On Board Courier / hand carry team manages all the details, from flight bookings to entry requirements and  customs regulations, anywhere in the world. We’re available to provide any assistance you may require, and we provide the maximum level of security for your urgent shipments.

Advantages of On-Board Courier

For when you need a professional on board courier for your most important shipments.

There are many advantages to using the extensive global network of Priamar International On Board Courier / hand carry service. You have direct access to the On Board Courier / hand carry team at any time as we don’t work through a call center. We take care of all organizational procedures, such as immigration requirements and booking additional modes of transport.

Whether it is one envelope or 30 boxes the collection and delivery of your goods is carried out by fully trained and dedicated On Board Couriers, with reduced border delays and ongoing status reports with immediate notification on delivery.

From your desk to the recipient, it’s in our hands

Our On Board Courier team is available to you via telephone and email around the clock – keeping you involved every step of the way

Traditional express service providers transfer your shipment through many hands, often leading to miscommunication, error and loss. With Priamar International, your dedicated hand carry courier accompanies your shipment from pick up to delivery straight to the recipient. Our fully insured, trained hand carry couriers are strategically located throughout the world and many of them have passports and visas for countries that are traditionally very difficult to access.

On Board Courier – Handcarry

You don’t have to sacrifice the chain of custody to ensure your most urgent shipments get where they need to be on time. Discover how with Priamar International On Board Courier service. 

Your shipments may be lifesaving. They may be extremely valuable, highly confidential, or critical to your supply chain. Regardless of why, we understand that your shipments are urgent and often sensitive. They require special handling and the greatest care to ensure they arrive securely and on time, every time.

That’s why Priamar International, an expert in moving critical shipments around the world, provides dedicated On-Board Courier services to safeguard your deliveries and avoid potential delays. They are hand carried by an On-Board courier that personally escorts and delivers your package directly to the recipient. Delays are all but eliminated since our courier can simply walk your shipment on to another flight if necessary, as well as manage customs clearance for you any time of the day or night.

Our On-Board Courier Services give you the highest level of security and reliability with:

  • Pick up usually within 60 minutes of your call, 24/7/365
  • Door-to-door same day service in your country and next day delivery to most international locations
  • An unmatched chain of custody since shipments never leave the hands of experts until they are delivered
  • The fastest possible delivery times and an option to combine our On Board Courier services with any of our transportation solutions, to ensure that your delivery is made on or ahead of schedule
  • Automatic proof of delivery online, as well as by phone, text, fax or email
  • Real-time, point-by-point tracking .

When every minute counts, let Priamar International help you meet even your most urgent deadlines.