Food & Wine


“Parliamo Italiano” – Events & Meetups.

Language Exchange.

Do you want to practice a foreign language and have the opportunity for a real language and cultural exchange? We are a group of people that get together to practice and work on languages! Join us at our weekly language exchange meetings to brush up on a foreign language and learn something completely new about another culture!

Our members split into smaller practice groups to improve their French, Italian, German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and many other languages, and you can also help other members to improve in your native language and learn your culture!

We will also have other evening and cultural events such as ethnic restaurant events, cultural activity events, cultural related classes, outdoor picnics and happy hours to promote language practice and cultural exchange!

Dinner Parties.

Welcome to our group. We’re a dining and discussion group that meets regularly for dinner and interesting conversation. The group was started to bring together people who like dining together and having the kinds of discussions they don’t get enough of elsewhere. Our dinners are held at low key restaurants that have good food and facilitate good group communication. In addition, we may also go to movies, lectures, or other events that engender thoughtful discussion at a restaurant afterwards.
Our events won’t necessarily have a particular discussion topic, but an “ice breaker” question may be suggested as a way of introducing yourself to the group.

… Let’s meet strangers and acquaintances during intimate dinners and make new friends in this great city we live in. Let’s travel, dine, drink wine, watch movies, and cook together. Let’s share life experiences and meet similar minds.
Let’s give back to the community and have fun doing it. I hope to meet with you soon!

Let’s just make it easy, dinner, brunch, drinks, wine tasting, happy hours, make new friends, meet new people! I’m originally from Italy and want to try out as many of the best restaurants with other foodies like me. I actually like having great conversations with all our members new or regular does not matter. The events are mostly small enough to make it easy to get a table and intimate enough to really get to know each other.

So invite your friends to join us and help make this group great! Don’t forget, your suggestions are always welcome, so feel free to share your thoughts with us.

Wine Tasting.

This meetup group has been created for like minded people to get together and enjoy wine. The true essence is to have fun, enjoy meeting new people that have a similar interest and taste new wines. You do not need to be a wine expert just someone that enjoys wine and socializing.
Let’s explore wines together through wine tasting, wine route tours, visiting wineries, discussions.

All you need to do is to appreciate wine, share your thoughts/wine recommendations with us. All wine lovers are welcome, from new bouquet-sniffers to educated connoisseurs. This group is for people who enjoy wine! Whether you are a novice or an expert we are looking to get together with people who appreciate and want to continue learning more about our passions…wine! The goal is to have at least one event per month where we come together to try new and interesting wines from all over the world, hopefully pair them with some fun foods, and enjoy some great conversations with fellow wine lovers. Every meet up will be a fun, interactive, and affordable way to meet new people, try some great wines, and learn some fun facts. So if you like wine and you like meeting new people then this group is for you! Hope to see you at the next meet up.

Group Cooking.

This group is for people who love to cook good food – or would like to learn how – in a group setting! We meet at a host’s house (anybody can host – we’ll do this in turns, but no obligations) and each person brings ingredients for and cooks a part of the meal (appetizer / entree / dessert). Cookware is provided by the host. We will do this by theme – Italian, Indian, 15-minute-or-less, French, Mexican, Dessert only, and any others that members suggest. We then pair the food with great wine and have a nice dinner party! Cooks can bring one non-cook person as well to each event. And hosts can add to the dinner party if they like – dinner party games, music,or even a movie night post-dinner. We plan to have many fun dinner party nights and to making some great new friends! This is a great way to indulge in your passion for cooking or to just learn how to cook something new – all while having a fun time!

Are you an adventurous cook who likes exploring new recipes? Do you enjoy trying the great foods of the country and the world? Are you open to sharing your culinary creations with other adventurous diners? Would you enjoy hosting dinner parties, especially if the guests do most of the cooking? Is so, then this meetup group might be for you. We would like to organize dinner parties, rotating the venue amongst the members’ homes. The size of the party will depend on the space that a host has available. Each dinner party will be a themed dinner, with the host choosing a cuisine from a particular region of the U.S. or the cuisine of another country. Participants would research recipes, cook together or bring a dish prepared by them, consistent with the theme, and a bottle of wine or other theme appropriate beverage to share. We will have a dinner party every four to six weeks depending on the enthusiasm of the members and the availability of hosts. The group welcomes couples and singles. The only requirement is a willingness to create and share good food with good company.



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