Sourcing Products

Product Sourcing Strategy.


Through our extensive network of domestic and international vendors we can match existing product specifications as well as source new products for our customers. Priamar International has established relationships with a diverse group of agents and factories throughout the world including USA, Mexico, Canada, Europe and Eurasian countries. As a result of our combined purchasing from proven vendors and freight consolidations, we are able to generate significant cost savings for our clients. Third party inspection services are available to insure product quality and adherence to defined specifications during the entire process. Let Priamar International manage your entire supply chain, both domestically and internationally, to maximize your return on inventories.

We are a US company located in Texas, providing manufacturing and product sourcing services to businesses across the world. Our goal is to find the best, the lowest price, and the highest quality manufacturing sources anywhere in North America or Europe.

We will source your products as efficiently and quickly as possible. You do not have to take expensive and time consuming trips, to locate, inspect or approve manufacturing, negotiate contract and prices and arrange for freight, shipping and delivery. Your products will be delivered to your warehouse exactly as you wanted at the lowest cost.

We know that it can be difficult and a grueling task to manufacture your own product, that’s why Priamar International now offers sourcing services for small and large companies, wholesalers and retailers. We will work with you as a team to make sure that we find you the right factory, the best price and provide you with the highest level of quality control for your products.

Our job is find you the best factory to produce your product, we work for our clients not the factory. With our team on the ground in North America and Europe, this allows us to inspect and determine which factory can offer the best price and production time for your order.

Give us a call or drop us a line to discuss your project and we will be glad to help. We will provide you with a quote based on your project needs.


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