Priamar Partnership with Manufacturers.

Whether your company is introducing a new product, or expanding into a new territory, adding a representative that is familiar with the buyer you need to reach can be critical to your success. Your ad cost effectively reaches the reps that can grow your sales.
Working with Priamar International provides our Partners with significant competitive advantages in their market space by affording them near immediate access to a custom sized team of proven Sales Professionals, each of whom is ideally situated to serve the specific needs’ of our Partner. This permits each of our organization’s Partners to enjoy the benefits of……

  • Faster deployment of highly qualified and productive Salespeople.
  • Improved access to key decision makers across a wider geographic area.
  • Dramatically reducing the length (and cost) of completing a sale.
  • Closer geographic proximity to more qualified sales opportunities.
  • Highly consistent cash flow with more accurate sales forecasting.
  • Compensating Salespeople based solely on the results they achieve.

Priamar looks to partner with those organizations that deliver economically justifiable solutions for the benefit of our mutual Customers. Utilizing Priamar’s Salespeople to introduce and sell our Partners’ products and services fosters uniquely positive Customer-Supplier interactions in which everybody wins.

Because a company’s ability to attract, train, and retain its Salespeople is critical to both its short and long-term success, the impact that these functions have upon an organization’s future viability cannot be ignored. Working with Priamar permits our Partners to focus on what they do best by ensuring that short-term sales requirements are met and business relationships are properly nurtured and cultivated for the long-term viability of the Partner’s business.

What Does an International Sales Representative Do?


An international sales representative is a person who sells goods or services to clients outside of his own country. These individuals can work in a wide variety of industries and are often expected to speak more than one language. Being successful in this career also usually requires a person with excellent interpersonal skills, confidence and extensive knowledge of the goods or services his company offers.

While it’s sometimes possible to obtain this position with only a high school diploma, a bachelor’s degree in business or a related field is often preferred. Typical responsibilities of an international sales representative include communicating with customers, expanding the customer base, traveling internationally and attending company meetings.

One of the most fundamental duties of an international sales representative is communicating with customers. He is in charge of identifying the needs of customers and delivering goods or services that meet those needs. It’s his job to ensure that orders are successfully completed, delivered on time and meet customers’ requirements. Much of the time, this is achieved through telephone calls, online correspondence and teleconferencing. In some cases, an individual may need to be fluent in other languages besides his native tongue.

Along with this, an international sales representative is often expected to expand a company’s customer base. This might include developing new marketing techniques, finding sales leads and contacting those leads. To perform his job effectively, an international sales representative must be able to explain the benefits of the goods or services his company is offering to potential customers. Besides this, he must be knowledgeable about those goods and services, and be able to answer any questions a potential customer may have. Due to the rejection that a salesperson tends to encounter, it’s helpful to have an assertive personality and a thick skin.
In some cases, he will also be required to travel internationally. For some positions, this may mean spending an extended period of time in a foreign country while building up a company’s customer base. Consequently, this position is best suited for individuals willing to spend a considerable amount of time away from home.

Along with this, it’s often necessary for an international sales representative to attend company meetings. Since the policies and goals of a company are sometimes in flux, it’s important for an individual to stay abreast of changes and maintain communication with other department leaders. During the course of a meeting, he may participate in discussions concerning new products or services, marketing strategies and company expectations.


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