The Priamar Group

The Priamar Group.

Welcome to Priamar International the definitive resource for starting or expanding a business abroad. 
Small business owners and entrepreneurs face seemingly daunting challenges in every phase of their business. Priamar International would like to partner with you to help meet these challenges and achieve your goal of owning and operating a profitable and successful business. We offer these solutions and more.


Priamar International was created to provide its’ Partners with near immediate access to a geographically dispersed team of experienced, independent Sales Representatives. In serving our Partners’ needs, Priamar’s Salespeople conduct substantive face-to-face sales meetings with local Prospects to generate positive economic results by……

  • Increasing gross and net sales revenue by identifying more potential sales opportunities and closing a higher percentage of them.
  • Reducing the need to cut profit margins in order to secure business.
  • Eliminating many fixed costs related to salaries and benefits for sales  administration and most sales travel-related expenditures.
  • Utilizing “top-down selling” to shorten the overall length of the sales cycle.
  • Expanding the geographic areas covered and the quality of the Prospects and Customers that routinely receive personal attention.

Because Priamar’s Salespeople are highly qualified and tend to be more seasoned, they are adept and comfortable working with senior-level managers at those entities that stand the greatest chance of becoming our valued Customers.

Further, because Priamar’s Partners have been chosen based on their ability to produce quality goods and services which can be readily evaluated and justified on the basis of the economic return they’ll deliver to the Customer, Priamar’s Sales Reps are better prepared to serve the needs’ of the Customer in the purest business sense imaginable, i.e., improving the likelihood of our Customer achieving greater profitability in the future.

Priamar’s Salespeople are dedicated to cultivating a mutual understanding with the Prospect, one that creates a winning situation and clearly defines when the proper solution to address a given issue is identified, the sale will occur naturally and quickly.


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